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Michigan Reading Association Adult Educator Award Recipients

2021-2022 Adult Educator Award Recipient

Christian Young Detroit Public Schools Community District Adult Education

Adult Education teachers fill a void in our education system that failed some students. This year’s Adult Education recipient, Christian Young from Detroit Public Schools is one of these rare educators.  One of the letters of recommendation included with a little humor his expertise as: candid, creative, capable and compassionate and stated if you ask him, he will say those adjectives fit him to a “C”.  

Christian’s is very energetic and relatable.  Some students believe they might not have left school if they had a teacher like him.  He works with other educators bouncing lesson plans and thoughts about meeting the needs of their students. Christian challenges his students’ thinking while encouraging them to engage in the subject matter by connecting with examples in their everyday lives.  He has invited his students to participate with him in roundtables hosted by Detroit city councilpersons. Most of his students will take the GED test. He brings in guest speakers to share their experience.  He even brought in his mother, who shared her own “GED to PhD journey”   

2015 Adult Educator Award Recipient

Dr. Geraldine Pappas – University of Michigan – Dearborn Campus

When a teacher retires, one thinks that his or her passion for teaching may end. This year’s Adult Education Award recipient went on to a whole new adventure. Dr. Geraldine Pappas, retired teacher from the Detroit Public Schools, enrolled in the doctorate program at the University of Michigan and continued working with the ESL community at Henry Ford Community College. Gerri had decided to give even more and her students and colleagues have benefitted from her expertise. As our world expands and the need for proficiency in many languages grows, Michigan has an educator who is meeting the challenge in helping both college-age students and teachers reach these needs.

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