2018 Summer Literature Conference Handouts

Kasie Allen - Building a Foundation for Coaching

Charlie Barshaw - Conference Presentation

Charlie Barshaw - Some Ways to Mess with a Perfectly Good Fairy Tale

MG Buehrlen - Nine Box Method Empty

MG Buehrlen - Nine Box Method Explained

Alexander Cintron - My Word Is My Culture: Dyslexia and the "UnderWord"

Barbara Carney-Coston - 5 Concepts

Amanda Getter - 2nd Grade Reading Conference

Heather Jensen and Amy Romanowski - 2018 Awesometastic Books

Alicia Kubacki - Text Dependent Questions with Complex Texts

Alicia Kubacki - Text Dependent Questioning to Text Dependent Analysis

Lori Taylor - Story Arc Guide Worksheet

Maria Walther - The Ramped Up Read Aloud