Joint Membership Program

Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and now Reading!

Individual Joint Membership

A joint membership subscription is an innovative method to enable educators to stay informed about the disciplines that are vital to the learning process in a way that is cost-effective! Joint membership options allow educators and schools/instructors to become members of six organizations Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM), Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA), Michigan Council of Teachers of Social Studies (MCSS), Michigan Reading Association (MRA), Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics (DACTM), and Metro Detroit Science Teachers Association (MDSTA) with a single application and one low payment.

Joint membership benefits:

  • E-newsletters from each association (Each association will send you an announcement when their Newsletter is available for viewing or printing in their members-only section of their website).
  • For associations having a Journal, an e-notice will be sent when it is available on-line
  • Reduced member rates for conference registration for each association
  • Voting privileges for all six associations
  • Announcements from all six associations
  • Access to all six associations’ websites, as well as their Members-Only section!
  • Your professional individual membership may be tax deductible

Institutional Joint Membership

This membership is held by the school building / institution and not by individuals or School District. When information is sent to the designated contact person, they relay it to the appropriate teacher. For example, when the conference information for mathematics is received it is forwarded to three teachers of interest, the science information received and forwarded to the same three teachers OR other teachers with science interest, and the social studies information received and forwarded to the same teachers OR other teachers with social study interest. This gives the opportunity for the information to be shared between eighteen different teachers.

The membership also provides:

  • Privileges to be transferred to different individuals within the building
  • E-mail notification to the contact person when the associations Newsletters and/or Journals are online. The contact person can then relay on to any three individuals of its availability
  • Teachers to get membership privileges for all six organizations
  • Registration at member rate for each association’s conference for up to three individuals

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