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Berit Gordon

Up the Joy and Ditch the Struggle:

10 Practical Strategies for Teachers

We love our students, and we care deeply about our jobs. And we are stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. But there is another way. We can use an approach that protects us from feeling depleted and energizes us to problem-solve the challenging parts of teaching, bit by bit. Just like students thrive when we start where they’re at, we can feel good and be good at teaching when we look at what we have in place and choose how to build from there. You'll leave with practical strategies to try tomorrow, validation for your essential work, and a personalized plan for struggling less and enjoying teaching more.

Berit Gordon supports teachers and teacher leaders in districts across the U.S. and Canada, conducting school-embedded professional development and presenting keynote talks and workshops at education conferences. Berit brings many years of teaching experience in NYC schools and the Dominican Republic to her educational consulting, and she currently teaches English and education courses at the college level. Her recent book, The Joyful Teacher, is a collection of tried-and-true strategies that empower teachers and help them quickly get to high-impact teaching. Her other book,  No More Fake Reading, offers solutions for boosting stamina, joy, and skills among adolescent readers. She lives with her family in Maplewood, New Jersey. 

JoEllen McCarthy

Exploring the Power and Possibilities of Using Picture Books for Layers of Learning

Using picture books in our work with learners of all ages, reminds us of the joy that comes from experiencing a wonderful text and growing our understanding of it in community with others. In addition to fostering a love of reading, read alouds can help build background knowledge, promote more reading-writing connections, complement existing units of study, encourage student led-conversations, or foster stand alone lessons for SEL that strengthen caring, responsive, and inclusive communities.  

JoEllen McCarthy is a lifelong learner, educator, and literacy specialist who spends her days teaching and learning alongside students, teachers, and administrators. A frequent presenter at regional and national events, JoEllen is a Book Ambassador and member of the Educator Collaborative. She spreads a love and enthusiasm for learning to the school communities she serves and as a consultant for various organizations such as Bookelicious. She champions the power of picture books as coteachers and explores her vision for this work for teachers, families, and students in the book, Layers of Learning: Using Read Alouds to Connect Literacy and Caring Conversations.

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